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a finger pointing on a footing astrology chart

Counseling and guidance

Providing professional advice and guidance in all aspects of life.

Date, time and place of birth - these are the data needed to cast a Horoscope. The more accurate the data, the more accurate the analysis and forecast are.


30 minutes telephone consultation

 Check my availability and book online 

Who is a recommended Astrologer?

  Anyone who wants to consult an astrologer these days is facing a problem. Who to choose? Who to study with? Who is considered an expert astrologer? Of all the astrologers out there, who are the best? The answer to this is complex since ...

גלגל מזלות גיא מטרסו אסטרולג

Learn Astrology

Studying astrology at all levels

Astrology Course for Beginners 

Advanced Astrology Course

Horary Astrology Course

a man pointing to a starry sky

Have a Question?

Heaven can answer!

This is Horary Astrology,

giving specific answers by

casting a chart for the

moment a question is asked

תוכנות מחשב גיא מטרסו אסטרולוג[

Astrology Softwares

Guy Matarasso is an official distributor of

Millennium Star Trax

Solar Fire 9

גרף מניות גיא מטרסו אסטרולוג

Personal Graphs

Personal graphs are personalized to your own birth data, focus on any area of life - health, career, money, love, etc'

בדיקת נכסים עם גיא מטרסו אסטרולוג

Property Analysis

before you buy any property, it is important to know if the deal is good and worthy, this analysis can save you a lot of money

Lectures, Workshops,

Special events and Shows

Planning a special event and looking for a sweeping, experiential and empowering lecture that will fascinate the audience?

Want to better understand yourself and what affects you?

A lecture on astrology may leave you gaping and surprised more than you imagined!

Guy Matarasso, who has extensive experience in performing in front of various audiences, conducts fascinating lectures and workshops on a wide range of topics in astrology.

a man looking at a microscope

You Saved my life!

That's what a client told me after I sent her to a Gynecological examination when it was not on her plans. The doctor received the results of the test and called her urgently because ...

Guy Matarasso Certified Astrologer

Guy Matarasso is an expert astrologer, an expert in analyzing birth charts and preparing forecasts, lectures and teaches astrology on all Levels, an expert in Horary Astrology

He has over 20 years of experience in the field.


תעודת הסמכה גיא מטרסו אסטרולוג

Why did you invite me to a meeting?

A business meeting that went awry following a surprising personal outlook

I came to a business meeting at a large company, which wanted to hold a series of astrological workshops for the company's employees. While talking to the CEO, I look at her chart and see that within a month she ...

3 astrology dices


Play, learn, get excited Astrological cubes For messages and insights

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