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אסטרולוג מומלץ

Who is considered an expert astrologer?

And how to choose the best astrologer?

‎Astrology in Israel is a lawless land. There is no supervision and no regulation. Anyone who wants to consult an astrologer and even study astrology is faced with a difficult decision. Who do you choose? Who do you study with? Who is considered an expert astrologer? Of all the astrologers who is the best?

Who is recommended? The answer to this is complex because due to the many factors which must be taken into account.


First, as I wrote earlier, the problem stems from the lack of regulation and formal certification. Most astrologers in the country are not certified, and do not intend to work towards certification because they do not consider it important.

I disagree, and I hold a certification from the global ISAR organization. In order to pass the tests successfully, years of study and experience in the field are required.

In the United States, Europe, Asia, and even Australia, the field of astrology is well organized. There are colleges and organizations that provide formal certification in the field.

In Israel, unfortunately, this does not exist. There is no organized school and the studies are carried out privately.


Studying astrology takes years! There is a lot of knowledge to learn, and I believe it never ends. There are so many things to know.


Being an astrologer is a complex matter. A good astrologer should be a person with a developed analytical ability, someone who is sensitive to others, responsible, reliable, with a high sense of service, with the ability to draw conclusions, and with sharp vision.

In the past before the age of computers, we had to draw charts by hand, so, knowledge of mathematics, astronomy and even statistics was required. In addition to all this, a good astrologer should have an understanding of many areas of life including health, psychology, children and parenting, business, career, investments, finances and more. To all these subjects the most important thing should be added: experience.


Therefore, a recommended astrologer is a well educated person with many years of experience in the field. Not everyone who takes a few courses and studies for a year or two is an expert astrologer, and not everyone who appears in the media should considered to be a recommended astrologer.

It’s important to check how many years they have been in this profession, what are their areas of expertise, do they have a certification, and, most importantly the personal experience and chemistry between the astrologer  and the client.

An Astrologer, though he may be educated and famous, misses the target if they do not have the ability to convey the message to the client in a simple, clear and direct way. 


My job as an astrologer is to light the way for people, and help them make the right decisions under the cluster of good and difficult stellar influences. A good astrologer takes responsibility for what they say to the client, and knows that words have power and should be used with proper care, wisdom and sensitivity.

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