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a photo of Guy Matarasso

I believe that all things can be foreseen, yet each of us has free will. It is possible to know when and how events will happen. However, I also think that we have the power to change things. I always tell my clients that once we know in advance what the weather will be and how long it is going to last, we can choose whether to go out with the proper equipment or stay at home. In both cases, we are unable to change the weather, but we can plan beforehand.


My objective as an astrologer is to examine and predict the planetary influences, how long they going to last, and then, offer the best solution to cope with them, just as the weatherman warns us about a coming storm. This way, I allow my clients to take responsibility for how they handle the situation and make appropriate decisions that will help them achieve their goals.


I recall a very powerful moment when a client told me that I saved her life by observing a planetary influence on her health. Her doctor was amazed how did she know to come to him for a medical examination right on time. A delay of a few months could have led to a completely different ending. Another client told me that I changed his worldview, which changed his life. Other than it simply being a great honor and privilege to assist and guide others in their general paths, there is great satisfaction in that I managed, and continue to ,tangibly touch people's lives and help them.


The beginning of my astrological path started as a teenager. However, I formally began studying this profession in 1992. I studied from the top astrologers in Israel and worldwide over the years. My studies involved continuing education programs and conferences abroad. I hold highly revered international certifications.

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